Like riding a bike, putting on skates, and jumping in a pool, the lessons learned at an early age through rock climbing contribute to happier, healthy living.

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Is Climbing Dangerous?

There are risks involved with rock climbing and participants are required to abide by strict rules when visiting any indoor rock climbing gym.

An indoor climbing gym is not the same as an indoor playground. Due to the nature of the sport, the risk of falling and getting injured must be taken seriously by everyone inside a climbing facility. 

Indoor rock climbing is safe when all participants are knowledgeable and remain alert. Youth programs at Climber's Rock are designed to introduce the sport of rock climbing to new participants and teach them how to enjoy the sport safely.

Climb Academy lessons at Climber's Rock are taught in a separate youth climbing space. Before youth climbers have access to the main climbing gym, they will learn and practice safe climbing techniques and must demonstrate their understanding of gym rules and etiquette. 

What do Climb Academy participants do?

Climb Academy is about much more than just learning how to climb on rocks. Participants quickly discover rock climbing is a fun, healthy exercise and a great way to meet new friends. 

Climb Academy at Climber's Rock has been introducing the sport to youth climbers since 2010. Many participants have grown up in the gym and become coaches, camp counselors, route setters, desk staff, and some have travelled the world to represent Canada at international climbing competitions. 

My child has never climbed before - can I sign them up?

If your child has never climbed before they should first attend regular drop in sessions during Youth Hours. Climb Academy is designed for youth climbers who want to advance their climbing knowledge and skills.

What should participants wear?

We recommend wearing light layers - the gym is kept cool, but climbing warms you up quickly. Bare feet are NOT allowed so don't forget socks! We strongly recommend participants use their own climbing gear (shoes, harness, chalk bag). Rental gear is available for an extra cost.

Where can I purchase climbing gear?

MEC Mountain Equipment Company >

Decathlon >

Sail >

What can parents do?

During instruction time, we ask that parents do NOT remain in the lesson area to watch. Our Academy coaches are well-trained and adept at working with kids of all ages. Over many years of operation, we have found children focus best on learning when it's just them and the coaches. Our coaches receive better responses from the kids and build trust faster when parents are not hovering nearby. Kids pay attention, develop independence and confidence, and get more accomplished during lesson time - all great benefits attributed to the sport of climbing. 

All parents are strongly encouraged to sign up for our Top Rope Belay lesson (no climbing required). The lesson focuses on safe practices used in rock climbing and will teach you how to work the ropes for your child (or children) and enjoy the sport together.

Important: To help avoid climbing accidents, collisions, and injuries, climbers under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times when visiting Climber's Rock and NOT participating in Climb Academy.

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